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Boosting Your Income: Side Hustles to Help Get You Out of Debt Faster


Find your side hustle NZ – style. In the land of the long white cloud, debt can often feel like an uninvited guest that overstays its welcome. But what if you could show it the door sooner rather than later? That’s where the magic of side hustles comes in✨. In New Zealand, more and more Kiwis are turning to creative and flexible ways to earn extra money. It seems everyone is on the lookout for the next side hustle idea 👀, with some savvy New Zealanders even replacing their day job. It’s not just about making ends meet; it’s about sprinting towards financial freedom 💰. So, how do you get out of debt in NZ? Let’s dive into the world of side hustles and find out.

Key Takeaways

🔑In today’s modern world, there are many ways to earn extra cash in New Zealand. From dog walking to creating a line of polymer clay jewellery, there’s something for everyone.

🔑The best side hustles are ones that suit you and your lifestyle and stem from something you enjoy. When choosing, start with what you’re good at, but remember you can always up-skill!

🔑Online businesses are easy to start and have little expense in terms of overheads. There are many ways to make money online and the remote aspect makes it a super flexible option.

🔑You have the option of getting a loan to give your side hustle the start it deserves. Sometimes we need a little boost to get the ball rolling, Quick Loans offer low interest personal loans that can help.

🔑By capitalising on a side hustle you enjoy, you can quicker get out of debt. Be business savvy and you’ll be out of debt in no time.

Understanding the Power of Side Hustles in NZ

A side hustle is more than just a part-time job; it’s often a passion project, a skill turned profitable, or a savvy way to utilise your spare time. But don’t stress if you haven’t got a passion project yet! The passion can be the goal for extra cash 💰. In New Zealand, where the entrepreneurial spirit is as vibrant as the koru, side hustles have become a key strategy for tackling debt head-on. Whether it’s selling crafts online, freelancing, or renting out a spare room, these ventures can significantly boost your income and accelerate your journey out of debt 💪.

Identifying the Right Side Hustle for You

Choosing the right side hustle is like picking the right pair of jandals – it needs to fit just right. You’ll need to consider your skills, interests, and how much time you can realistically commit. The goal is to find something that not only brings in extra money but also brings joy and satisfaction. Keep it mind the first side hustle you pick might not work out or might not be the right fit! And that’s perfectly fine, just keep making steps forward in building that extra streamline of income.

There’s a growing community for side hustle NZ -wide. Facebook groups and forums are all discussing the latest side hustles NZ has to offer. Listen in and see what takes your fancy, your next business idea could be just a click away.

Top Side Hustles in New Zealand

From Auckland to Invercargill, Kiwis are finding ingenious ways to earn on the side. Here are some popular options:


  • Freelancing: Use your professional skills to offer services like writing, graphic design, or programming. If you don’t already have a skillset in these areas you can take courses and learn!
  • E-commerce and Drop-Shipping: Sell products online, from handmade goods to vintage finds.
  • Etsy Digital Products: Create digital products of free services like Canva and sell them on platforms like Etsy!
  • Rideshare Driving: If you’ve got a car and some spare time, driving for a rideshare service can be a flexible way to earn (think Uber, Ola, YourDrive, iHail, and Green Cabs). Even better if you don’t use your car all the time you can lease it out with Ubers Carshare!
  • Property Rental: Renting out a room or a holiday home can provide a steady income stream (look into air bnb and

Leveraging Your Skills and Hobbies

Your hobbies or talents can be a goldmine 🌟, waiting to be unearthed. Are you a whiz in the kitchen? Consider catering or baking for events. Your culinary skills could lead to a bustling side business, from creating bespoke cakes for celebrations to providing hearty meals for local events. Love crafting 🎨? Sell your creations online. Platforms like Etsy or local markets offer a fantastic avenue to showcase and sell your handcrafted items, from knitted scarves to custom jewellery 💍.

The key is to transform what you love doing into a profitable venture. Photography enthusiasts can offer their services for events or sell their prints 📸. Gardeners might start a plant nursery or offer landscaping services 🌿. Even your knack for organisation or writing could turn into a personal assistant or content creation service 🧑‍💻. The possibilities are as vast as your imagination and skill set. Remember, the most successful side hustles often stem from a genuine passion, turning leisure into lucrative endeavours. Only consider side hustle ideas to make life better, not harder! 

Blending Skills and Certifications for Profitable Side Hustles

Embracing your current know-how while eyeing up new qualifications or skills can open doors to varied and lucrative side hustles. Here’s a guide to mixing what you already ace with fresh learning opportunities:


  1. Capitalise on Your Existing Skills: Kick off with what you’re good at. Tech whizz, wordsmith, or fitness buff? Use these skills as your side hustle starting point 💪.
  2. Digital Marketing Skills Boost: Got a flair for social media or writing? Level up with digital marketing courses to offer a broader range of services.
  3. Graphic Design Skill Sharpening: Creative types can formalise their flair with graphic design courses, broadening their freelance horizons 🎨.
  4. Web Development for Tech Fans: If you’re handy with computers, dive into web development or coding courses to carve out a niche skill set.
  5. Photography and Videography Skills Upgrade: If you’ve got an eye for the camera, professional courses can polish your skills for more lucrative opportunities 📸.
  6. From Fitness Fan to Certified Instructor: Turn your fitness passion into a certified offering by training as a personal trainer or yoga instructor.
  7. Bilingual to Translation Pro: If you’re already bilingual, language proficiency certificates can boost your translation or tutoring services 🗣️.
  8. Cooking Skills to Pro Catering: Home chefs can up their game with culinary arts courses, opening avenues to catering or specialty food ventures.
  9. DIY Prowess to Professional Handyman: Handy around the house? Gain formal certifications to offer expert repair or renovation services 🛠️.
  10. Writing Hobby to Content Creation Pro: Transform your writing hobby into a professional craft with courses in content creation, copywriting, or editing.
  11. Gardening Enthusiast to Landscape Business: Garden lovers can take landscaping courses to professionalise their services, from design to nursery management 🌿.
  12. Animal Lover to Certified Pet Carer: Pet enthusiasts can turn their affection into a business with certifications in pet sitting, dog walking, or grooming.

By mixing your existing talents with new skills and certifications, you can craft a side hustle that’s not only profitable but also a perfect match for your interests and passions, right here in Aotearoa.

Digital Side Hustles: The Online Opportunity

A truly great side hustle is one that fits in with your lifestyle, you enjoy, and that offers a flexible schedule. One place it’s easy to start a side hustle and earn extra income is online. Even completing online surveys can earn you money – who would have thought! Then there are affiliate links to your social media, these can be especially lucrative if you have a lot of followers.

The digital world offers a plethora of opportunities. From setting up an online store to freelance writing, the internet is a treasure trove for side hustlers 🏴‍☠️. There are options like our Quick Loans Business Loans can provide the initial boost to get these ventures off the ground. Check out our loan calculator and start imagining what you could do.

Practical Tips to Manage Your Side Hustle Earnings

Now, let’s talk turkey 🦃. Managing your side hustle earnings effectively is crucial. Allocate a significant portion towards debt repayment. This disciplined approach will see you waving goodbye to debt much sooner than expected.

Setting Financial Goals

Set clear, achievable goals for your side hustle income. Whether it’s paying off that credit card or chipping away at the mortgage, having a target keeps you focused and motivated.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Juggling a side hustle with your regular commitments can be challenging. Avoid burnout by setting realistic goals and managing your time effectively. Remember, it’s a marathon, not a sprint.


Ultimately, what makes for the best side hustles in NZ? One that works for and around you ✅.

Side hustles are more than just a way to earn extra cash; they’re a pathway to regaining control of your finances. In the quest to get out of debt in NZ, they can be a game-changer. So why not explore the possibilities? Whether it’s through a Quick Loans Cash Loan to kickstart your venture or simply monetizing a hobby, the journey to a debt-free life is within reach.

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