Our repayments calculator can help you estimate your loan repayments for different loan amounts and repayment terms. Our interest rates and your actual repayment amounts will be confirmed once your application has been processed as they will vary depending upon a number of factors, including the term of the loan, the amount borrowed, the security/collateral offered and your credit rating.

Apply for a QuickLoans loan today and you’ll…

Get approved fast and receive your funds within 24-hours (or the same day)

Once you submit your application, a friendly QuickLoans rep will contact you within 60 minutes (during business hours). They’ll let you know how much you can borrow, and at what rate. Once you’re happy with the details you’ll get the funds within 24-hours – and often much sooner.

Save hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on interest…

Why pay more than you have to? Our rates are some of the most competitive in New Zealand and will save you hundreds (or thousands) over the long run.

Get a loan even if your credit history isn’t perfect…

We understand everybody misses a bill from time to time and we won’t hold it against you. If you can afford your loan repayments and have something that we can secure your loan against we’ll do our best to help.

Talk to a real local, not a computer…

Call us today and you’ll talk to a NZ local in our South Island office, not a foreign call-centre or some computerised hotline. We listen, take time to understand your situation, and work with you to find an outcome that suits your budget and cashflow.

Put ZERO dollars down and get the cash you need…

No deposit? No problem. Getting a flexible loan with zero deposit is easier than you think. We simply need to secure your loan against some collateral (property, car, etc…). Just ask us how.

Applying for your loan is really easy

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Complete our quick and simple online loan application form in only 5 minutes

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Your application is assessed by a human being – not a computer who’ll call you back within 30 minutes
(during business hours)

step 3

If you’re loan is approved, you’ll get your money the same day either paid into your account


Easy, Fast Loans With Our ‘Digital Signature’ Service

You’re busy. We get that. That’s why you can sign for, and receive your funds, without even leaving your house. Our digital- signature service provides an even more stress-free, convenient service for you. If you’ve got a smart-phone or a computer, you can apply and get approved today!

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