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Equipment Financing with Quick Loans is your key to leveraging business growth. Using the equipment as collateral, we offer a flexible solution for both new and second-hand tools and machinery finance, such as tractors, industrial equipment, lease agreements and business loans. Gain the edge with pre-approval, negotiate as a cash buyer, and elevate your operations seamlessly with our tailored financing options.



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Use our equipment finance calculator to determine the repayments you can afford how much you should borrow. Usually, you’ll make a deposit on the item you wish to purchase, which acts as security. We then spread the rest across 60 months. Our fast loans are subject to credit checks in accordance with the responsible lending code of NZ.

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.

Approval Tips For Equipment Finance, NZ Assets Or Business Loans

Tip 1

Venturing into the world of finance equipment can feel like navigating the mysterious caves of Waitomo. But here’s a torch to light your way: always factor in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). It isn’t just about that upfront price tag or those monthly repayments. Dive deeper! Think about maintenance, potential repairs, and even the resale value down the track. It’s like packing extra snacks for a long trek; you’ll be thankful for the foresight!

Tip 2

As you set sail on your equipment financing journey, remember: technology’s a swift current. Before you drop anchor on a deal, scout the horizon for upcoming tech upgrades. Will there be a newer, shinier model of that equipment soon? You don’t want to be stuck rowing an old dinghy when there’s a speedboat just around the bend. Some finance deals even let you trade up mid-journey. So, keep your eyes peeled and always be ready to catch the next big wave!

Is Business Asset Finance & Equipment Financing Essential For Kiwi Businesses?

Equipment finance as MORE than just a financial tool; it’s the gateway to unlocking significant growth and opportunities for your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur eyeing that cutting-edge machinery, a tradesperson seeking advanced tools and construction equipment, or a startup scouting for tech enhancements, equipment finance can offer the vital support you need. Business lending is a smart way for you to level up your business.

Opting for equipment finance isn’t about impulsive decisions! It’s about making a strategic investment in assets that can elevate your revenue, streamline your operations, and infuse innovation into your workflow. It’s about creating the opportunity for growth. A well-thought-out move that can yield massive returns in the long run. With Quick Loans as your trusted partner, you’re collaborating with an expert in the NZ equipment finance domain, ensuring flexible terms, competitive rates, and a hassle-free application process.

Ready to delve into the advantages of equipment finance? Start your expansion easily and effortlessly with a Quickloans Application Today!

Quickloans – Your Best Business Lending Choice for Equipment Financing?

In the market for equipment but short on funds? No sweat! That’s where Quick Loans steps in. We’re your go-to for swift and straightforward equipment financing, tailored to the NZ landscape. Be it advanced machinery, specialized tools, or tech upgrades, we’ve got your back. And the best part? The equipment you finance often doubles up as collateral, making it a win-win for both of us. This is flexible finance at its best.

Here’s How Quick Loans Elevates Your Equipment Financing Experience:

  • Swift, Trustworthy, and Hassle-Free: A streamlined application process paired with rapid approvals for your equipment finance needs! Our online application process makes it easy for you to get started!
  • Smooth Transactions: Our equipment loans are as seamless as a well-oiled machine. No hitches, no hidden charges, just transparent terms.
  • Crystal Clear Conditions: We believe in transparency – no convoluted clauses or unexpected twists. With us, you’re always in the know.
  • Adaptable Solutions: With financing terms ranging from 12 to 36 months, we tailor our offerings to fit your unique journey and business needs.
  • Attractive Interest Rates: Our rates are designed to be gentle on your wallet, ensuring your financial journey remains on course.
  • Stress-Free Security: Our equipment loans are anchored to your new acquisition. This means enhanced security and peace of mind. We’re here to ensure your repayments are manageable and your equipment financing experience is top-notch.

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FAQs When You Finance Equipment

What is equipment financing?

Equipment financing is a financial solution that allows businesses to purchase new machinery, tools, or technology without paying the full amount upfront. Instead, the cost is spread over a period through regular payments, making it easier for businesses to acquire essential equipment without straining their cash flow.

How does finance for equipment differ from a traditional loan?

While both provide funds, equipment financing is specifically tailored for the purchase of business equipment. Often, the equipment itself serves as collateral for the loan. This means that if the borrower defaults, the lender can claim the equipment. Traditional loans, on the other hand, might require different forms of collateral and can be used for various purposes.

Can I finance both new and used equipment?

Yes, absolutely! Here are Quick Loans we understand that great equipment can be found through secondhand sales. We encourage people to apply for loans for both new and used equipment.

What are the benefits of equipment financing?

Equipment financing aids businesses in managing cash flow by allowing them to spread the cost of machinery over time. It provides access to the latest technology without a hefty upfront expense, often with flexible terms tailored to a company’s needs. Additionally, the financing can offer tax advantages and preserve other credit lines, ensuring financial flexibility.

How does equipment finance affect my business credit?

Just like any other form of credit, timely payments on your equipment financing can positively impact your business credit score. On the other hand, late or missed payments can negatively affect it. It’s crucial to manage your equipment financing responsibly to maintain and build your business’s creditworthiness.

What can’t I use equipment financing for?

Equipment financing is specifically tailored for acquiring tangible business tools and machinery. It’s not suitable for operational expenses, salaries, or non-equipment investments. Each lender may have specific exclusions, so it’s essential to check their terms before applying.

How do I apply to finance equipment?

You can quickly and easily apply for finance for your new or used equipment with us here! It is an easy step-by-step process.

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