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Use our New Zealand online personal loan calculator u0026 determine the repayments you can afford u0026 how much you should borrow. Usually, you’ll make a deposit on the item you wish to purchase, which acts as security, u0026 we then spread the rest across 48 months. Our fast loans are subject to credit checks u0026 in accordance with the responsible lending code of NZ.

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* This is an approximate loan duration based on assumed adequate security u0026 collateral, job security, income, residence situation and positive references.

Finance The Costs of Your Plastic Surgery

At Quickloans we provide personal loans to cover a variety of medical and plastic surgery costs NZ – wide. Whether its laser eye surgery or a tummy tuck you’re wanting to finance we are here to help.

Financing your plastic surgery may be more manageable than you think. Tummy tucks on average start at $15K including anaesthetic and hospital fees. Splitting that over 3 years at $600 per month seems more manageable, and at Quickloans you can count on low interest rates and friendly staff to support you on your journey.

You can see what you would expect your repayments to be by using our personal loans calculator. See how easy it is to cover your plastic surgery costs NZ.

Why Get a Personal Loan With Us?

When looking to finance your cosmetic surgery, taking out a personal loan with us you can count on professionalism and sensitivity at all times.

We’re a team of real humans that care about people and we have years of experience helping Kiwis all over New Zealand live their best lives. We don’t charge exorbitant rates and we don’t lend to those who can’t afford to repay the loan, always adhering to the responsible lending code of New Zealand. We look at your individual situation and create a payment plan tailored for you.

For surgery loans we understand that discretion is important. With all of our loans we have made applying online easy, with minimal paperwork.

Finance Options in an Emergency

Unexpected medical expenses are no fun and we’re here to support you when you need cash fast.

Give us a call or apply online in just a few minutes. Once you apply we can often get you an answer within 60 minutes and the cash in your account within 24 hours.

We’re here to help make surgery loans as stress free as possible so you can focus on the important stuff.

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Here are our fast personal loan FAQs

What conditions apply for surgery loans?

You need to meet our lending criteria in order to be eligible for a surgery loan. We adhere to the responsible lending code of New Zealand and so we will run a credit check and also see that you will have the ability to make your repayments on time. For a secured loan you will also have to provide collateral against your loan. You can easily view our full terms and conditions online.

What is the maximum loan term for surgery loans?

Quickloans offers maximum loan terms of 48 months, but this depends on the item you are purchasing and its value.

Plastic surgery costs NZ -wide are often on the higher end and so loan so typically a larger loan amount means a longer loan term. We always ensure your payments will be spread across a term that’s manageable for you.

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You’re busy. We get that. That’s why you can sign for, and receive your funds without even leaving your house. In addition to our straight forward online application process, our digital- signature service provides an even more stress-free, convenient service for you. If you’ve got a smart-phone or a computer, you can apply and get approved today! u003ca href=u0022 here to start the processu003c/au003e.

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