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4 Remarkable New Year’s Resolutions While in Debt – Auckland Loans

Are you one of Auckland loans borrower who welcomes their new year with unpaid debts? 

Well, whether you are the type of person who starts their new year with a list of resolutions or maybe you don’t do it at all, considering a financial goal plan won’t hurt.

You might list some financial to-dos ahead of your entire year, like a plan to clear your credit card dues and monitoring your spending pattern, reducing your budget to your actual needs.

Setting your budget goals purposefully is an excellent way to improve your finances or even improve your credit score. Of course, new year’s resolutions are useless if you will not implement them in action. 

Expand Your Savings

It’s understandable that the top resolution when it comes to finances is to save more money. There are a lot of ways to achieve this, and it’s easier to save when you don’t have to think about it. 

If you are an employee for an instance, you can set up an automatic payment that will go to your bank account (savings account) from your salary. Make your savings a normal part of your money management.

Another way of saving more is to cut back on inessential spending or avoid buying on impulse, especially during sales and holiday periods.

Read this article for more tips on how to save more money the smart way.

Pay Your Dues on Time

Take advantage of some offers like early payment discounts. There are some companies that offer these promos, and paying your dues on time alone saves you money. Other than that, you can also avoid penalties on top of your bills because of late payments.

If you want a hassle-free payment, you can opt to pay your bills by setting up an automatic payment or direct debit (you can choose any of these depending on the regularity of your payment amounts). This will automatically pay your bills on every due date.

When it comes to credit card payments, it’s good to know the expiration date of the interest-free period under your terms and conditions. You can then make a plan to make notable payments for your debts throughout the interest-free period, so you are clear of debts by the time it ends.

You can also take into account the regularity of your credit card monthly payment. This will not only help improve your credit score but will also help you avoid interest charges because of the result of carrying debt from month to month.

Budget Planning

Not everyone has patience tracking their budget. For some, this is compressing, but understanding where your money goes in detail is crucial if you want to save more. 

After all, there are already online tools that can make your budget tracking easier. It’s all up to you if you opt to use Budget Apps or do this manually. 

A clear budget is a helpful guide that can make you understand what are those things that you can afford and necessary vs. those that are not, and you could cut back completely.

Avoid New Memberships and Subscriptions

If you are tempted to add one more credit card or have another magazine or gym membership, stay where you are. 

Keep in mind that every time you attempt to apply for a credit card, these credit issuers pull up your credit report, whether you are approved or not. This can negatively affect your credit score, though it will pull around over time.

If you have existing memberships or subscriptions, and you are barely using them, it’s advisable to cancel them for good or opt for a cheaper plan.


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