Credit Card Dangers

Don’t Sink into Credit Card Debt Credit cards come with inherent dangers. However, in emergency situations or to handle larger expenses you may be tempted to “charge it.” A small personal loan offers a safer option, protecting you from sinking…..

New Business Loans Key to Getting Ahead

There are a lot of people out there with excellent ideas for new businesses but unfortunately many of these fall by the wayside due to a lack of finances. Everyday we’re exposed to businesses on the internet and featuring heavily…..

Property Law Notice

Recently some existing customers received a property law notice. They had falling well behind with their mortgage repayments when their income reduced substantially (self-employed building industry) after some of their post-earthquake projects were delayed. They had never missed a beat with their…..

Home Loan Deposit – QuickLoans

Need a larger home loan deposit? The Reserve Bank of New Zealand recently implemented higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for the major banks which are effective 1 October 2013. This means if you are a buying a home you may need…..

Small Business Loans

We specialise in small business loans. In 2013 we’ve seen demand from small businesses that need loans to purchase equipment, such as work vans, tools and equipment as they gear up for the Christchurch post-earthquake rebuild. Often the bank cannot…..