Payday loans

Avoid the pitfalls by following our four simple steps Despite the bad reputation payday loans have in New Zealand each week borrowers are lured in by the promises of a quick fix by unscrupulous lenders. In most cases all a…..

Spark Joy

How to clean out, pay back and move on Browse any ‘tips on paying back a loan’ article, and the common theme is often how we must live without luxuries and impulse purchasing. However, there are other ways of making…..

Get in front of the school expenses

It’s not only the food bill that gets bigger when your kids transform from mild-mannered minors to lumbering teenagers. In New Zealand, each year, many parents struggle to cover the cost of sending their children to school. While every parent…..

Empowered or impoverished?

What a good finance company focuses on We’re proud of our hard-earned reputation for honest work, done well. With carefully balanced loan services we’ve managed to provide a win-win for our company and our customers. At the heart of this…..

Why your bank statement matters

How bank account bad habits affect your borrowing chances Customers often ask us why it’s so important to check a potential loan applicant’s bank statement. This statement may not be something you give much thought to. However it paints a…..

The thought that counts

5 frugal approaches that show big love with little cash As Christmas carols begin to play and the holiday period looms, so too does the growing pressure to find Christmas gifts for friends, family members, colleagues, teachers… and the list…..

Tips To Get A Personal Loan

There are many different reasons for needing to apply for a personal loan. You may need a car loan, a loan for home improvements, a holiday loan or a loan to cover some educational expenses or an emergency. Applying for…..

How Do I Get A Personal Loan?

With some companies it can sometimes be a difficult process applying for a loan in New Zealand. But with Quick Loans NZ we try and make it as simple as possible for you. Its really important that you are well…..

Paying Your Cash Loan Off Early

Cash loans can be a necessity when looking for a quick financial solution, however, it is important to consider that the loan will need to be repaid over a set term. If your cash loan allows for an early payoff…..