The 5 Simple Hacks To Get Approved For A Same Day Loan

Quick Guide to Get Approved

If you find yourself stuck; in a bit of a pinch and in need of some money, a same day loan could provide the money you need on the day you apply. Whether it be for an unexpected bill, an impromptu holiday or a must-have item that you have your heart set on, a same day loan might be an option for you. A same day loan application is much the same as any other application and the application process is usually done online within minutes. Here are a few tips that could help you get the money you need in the time-frame that you need it.

Time of day matters

Apply early in the day as many people are demanding same day loans. If you are applying late in the day, the chance of getting the funds in your account on the same day is reduced, as you will first need to meet a few requirements before you are able to access the funds.

Get your application in as early as possible for the best chance of getting the same day funds that you require.

Be transparent

Provide accurate information upfront so that it is easier to assess your application. Make sure that you are putting in all the correct information to help your application process run smoothly. Putting in an incorrect drivers’ licence or passport number can slow the process down. Make sure that you apply with your name as it appears on your ID document to avoid confusion. Be sure to put a valid contact number so that the lender can get in touch with you if they need to ask any questions.

Provide everything required in a timely manner

You will need to provide evidence of your income by way of bank statements. Most same day lenders require your most recent 3 months’ worth of bank statements to assess whether you would be eligible for a same day loan. Many companies can provide an electronic link for you to supply these. It is important to send through the required information as soon as possible so that your same day loan can be approved in a timely manner.

Be available

Often, a same day lender will need to talk to you about your application, so be sure to take the call to keep the process moving smoothly. Once your loan is approved, the lender will need to contact you to run through a few things and let you know what to do next. If there is a delay in getting a hold of you, it could prevent you from accessing the funds on the same day.

Tidy bank statements are essential

Make sure that you are paying all your bills on time. A bank statement that is riddled with dishonoured payments will almost certainly not get you far. Lenders are on the lookout for your ability to repay your debts. Make sure that you aren’t drawing down on payday loans as this may cost you your chance of getting approved.

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