The difference between a Good Finance Company and a Great Finance Company

For the average Kiwi searching for a good loan deal, the marketplace is crowded with advertising and promotions. Navigating through these offers can become a headache – how do you choose a good finance company?

With banks, finance companies, credit unions, building societies, online options, and predatory lenders there are good and bad options when borrowing money. We’ll look at the issues of the bad options in another article. For now, we’re providing a few tips on what to look for in a financial provider.

In New Zealand, a good finance company will offer competitive rates and fast cash loan application services. It will strictly adhere to the lending regulations and communicate to their clients the important information down to the very last detail. A good finance company will also follow the famous Einstein quote to “make things as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

A great lender will do everything a good one does, but with greater awareness of the big picture. Above all the company will recognize they work in a service-based industry – first and foremost it’s about the customers and ensuring they get what they need. A great lender will therefore approach their work in a way that is far more future-focused for the company, for the client, and for the community. Here are other things to look for…

  1. It’s a good place to work. A company’s culture is vital to ensuring its service remains at the highest of standards. Companies with high turnover or short lifespans will generally lack this culture. Working with a strong, close-knit team can make all the difference.
  2. It’s actually local. This is a direct offshoot of the first point – good people make for great lenders. As a Christchurch-based finance company, we work in the city, within the local communities, and right throughout New Zealand. Our local team knows exactly what Kiwis want from their loans and can help support these customers properly.
  3. It’s been around through the ups and downs. Between 2006 and 2012 there were 67 lenders that collapsed in New Zealand. It’s vital any finance company today not only understands how this can occur but also knows how to avoid becoming another statistic. Any small company can achieve moderate success lending the here and now. Finance is a long-term industry. Trust the people who have worked long term and be there through thick and thin.
  4. It will empower the customers it does have. We don’t believe anyone should be approaching us with a mindset of ‘getting finance now and hoping for the best’. It’s about planning to ensure goals are attained and challenges met. New Zealand finance companies work in a comparatively small and competitive marketplace.
  5. It will support the customers it doesn’t want. The reality is that some of those seeking an easy loan in New Zealand shouldn’t be getting one. Be it overloading with one-off unmanageable loans or being stuck in a long-term debt cycle, sometimes the best way forward is with the expert help of a financial guide. A great finance company will be able to recognize when this is the case and provide this assistance.
  6. It will be competitive without being ruthless. The various changes to laws and regulatory reforms over the last decade have helped protect the average Kiwi consumer. However, there are still those who prey upon the vulnerable. We could always get people through the door with promises of even cheaper rates. But we must provide a good deal without hidden traps or unfair terms.
  7. It will be proud of its reputation. At Quick Loans, we’re proud of our success and proud we’ve done so in a positive way for our company, our people, and our customers. We’re here for the long term and, to be successful for the years ahead, our reputation must continue to be impeccable.

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