Stuart - QuickLoans Customer in NZ
Stuart borrowed $500 to pay school fees

Stuart first started with QuickLoans seven years ago after he had separated from his partner and needed to start over. He didn’t have a lot of security at the time and offered his goldfish and tank as part of the collateral! Despite this, QuickLoans were able to find a solution that worked for him. “There were no problems at all, the mobile manager came direct to my house to sign up the loan contract*. The people are friendly and the access to loans is easy. They don’t take long to get.” Quickloans was there for Stuart, and we’ll be there for you too!

*We now use digital signature technology to sign loan documents and mobile managers are now by special request. This makes it even faster for you.

Quickloans helps customers just like Stuart everyday—people who just need a bit of financial help for something urgent, like school fees. We make things happen for people just like Stuart and just like you all the time. Whether it’s unforeseen repair bills, replacement of old appliances, or a forgotten utility payment, Quickloans offers an easy solution to help you make ends meet.

Quickloans helps customers who need:
  • Car repairs fast
  • New furniture
  • Electricity or gas bill payments
  • Home remodelling work
  • Loan or credit card consolation
  • Down payment on a new car

Quickloans is not a big financial institution. And that’s not what we want to be either. We want to be small enough to be personable, that’s why we have real people reviewing the loan applications we receive, not computers and computer software. We want to understand your particular needs and your specific financial situation. We want to give you a loan, so we look for reasons to loan you money, unlike bigger lenders who look for reasons to deny your application. We think everyone deserves a chance, even those with blemished credit.

At Quickloans, we also understand how busy you are. For this reason, we streamlined our lending process, making it quick, simple, and hassle-free. You can even sign your loan documents from the comfort of your own home using our digital signature integration.

Quickloans requires no deposit for loan approvals. Just put up suitable collateral and no deposit is required. Like other Kiwi residents that have enjoyed loans with competitive interest rates from Quickloans for more than 17 years, you can have your loan in no time flat when you reach out to our staff now.

Why Quickloans?

✅ Deal with real people, not computers
✅ Enjoy competitive interest rates
✅ Easy 5-minute application process
✅ Fast approval times
✅ Money in your account in less than 24 hours

Would you like up to $20,000 in your account tomorrow?