Jan - QuickLoans Customer in NZ
When Jan needed furniture for her new-look home, she came to us…

One thing was for certain when she contacted us – Jan had her hands full. Managing a pharmacy, looking after her pet dogs, and undertaking home renovations meant she had little time for loan appointments and overly complicated or unnecessary application procedures. So when she wanted to buy some new furniture for her home she simply applied online. Jan had her $1,500 loan approved the same day and was off shopping in the weekend.

Quickloans is there to help

Jan is just one of many customers that we serve that needs to make a major purchase, whether it’s new furniture, appliances, or car repairs. Most people cannot afford these types of purchases without some sort of financing, and that’s where we come in. We make life more enjoyable by funding the purchases you need to make now.

Every day, we help people
  • Finance the repair for a vehicle
  • Replace outdated or broken appliance
  • Cover a utility bill
  • Make renovations to their homes
  • Buy new cars
  • Pay off credit cards

We are not a large financial institution, and we don’t want to be the biggest—we want to be the best. When you go for a Quickloans loan, we have real humans, not some computer software program, reviewing your application. This lets us understand your specific financial situation and your particular needs. Rather than look for reasons to NOT give you a loan, we look for reasons that you deserve a loan. It is our philosophy that everyone deserves access to financial help, despite having blemishes on their credit.

Quickloans also knows that our clients are busy. Because of that, we work hard to streamline the lending process so that it goes as quickly and hassle-free as possible. From the comfort of your own home, you can complete your entire application at once -including signing your loan application with our digital signature integration for added convenience.

And the best part is that no deposit is required for loan approval if you are purchasing a car.. Just provide collateral for your loan and you’ll pay no deposit. Kiwi residents have enjoyed easy loans and competitive rates through Quickloans for more than 17 years, so get in touch with our staff now to find out why our clients love the services we provide.

Why Quickloans?

✅ Speak with real people, not computers
✅ Enjoy competitive rates
✅ 5-minute application process
✅ Quick approval times
✅ Get money in your account in less than 24 hours

Would you like up to $20,000 in your account tomorrow?