Brent - QuickLoans Customer in NZ
Brent borrowed $14,000 for debt consolidation

Brent is a busy man. He runs the kitchen in a dementia rest home and has just finished building a new home. Between landscaping and spending time with his family, he has little time for anything else. But the one thing Brent did have time for was giving his family the Christmas and holidays they deserved. Putting these expenses on the credit card seemed easy at the time. But after many months of credit card payments, Brent had paid very little of the debt off. He thought that a loan would help him better manage his finances. Brent first approached his bank because he had a sizeable mortgage with them. But the bank weren’t interested. So Brent called QuickLoans and we said yes. We worked out a way that Brent could repay the money with payments coinciding with his payday. We got him the $14,000 and Brent was able to pay off his credit cards straight away.

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