$500 made a world of difference for Ani and her children at Christmas.

Ani knew Christmas would be an expensive time of the year and was worried she wouldn’t have the budget to give her three children the Christmas they deserved. It wasn’t just the presents that she had to consider either. It’s always a case of ‘expect the unexpected’ when it comes to unavoidable bills popping up around this time of year too. Recognising this Ani decided she needed to take action and contacted us just before Christmas to apply for a top-up to her existing loan. We quickly approved the request and she received the money the same day. Making Christmas a truly enjoyable and stress-free time is one of the best parts of our job – we were happy to help Ani and her family make the most of this cherished time together

Let us help you like we helped Ani!

Ani’s situation, while unique, can happen to anyone. We all run short on cash from time to time and need some assistance. Whether it’s a forgotten utility bill, a necessary and unexpected repair bill, or the need to replace a broken-down major appliance, life happens and when it does, it usually calls for fast cash. Quickloans is happy to help.

Similar clients have taken out a Quickloans loan to
  • Pay school fees
  • Cover a tradie’s bill
  • Make updates to their kitchens and bathrooms
  • Purchase a car or truck
  • Consolidate credit card debt

Quickloans is not a big lending institution. And that’s not our aim. When you put in an application for a loan with us, your application is actually review by a real person, not some computer software that doesn’t understand your particular needs. We want to find a reason to approve you, not deny you—even if you have a less than stellar credit history and previous credit problems.

We know that you’re busy and that your time means everything to you. That’s why we’ve worked hard to streamline the loan application process for our customers. You can even use our digital signature integration to sign your loan agreements from the comfort of your home without ever stepping foot in our office. This makes getting the money you need even more convenient.

And one of the best things about dealing with Quickloans is that you never need to put a deposit down to secure your loan approval. Quickloans can secure your loan against your suitable collateral, making your loan a zero-deposit transaction. Quickloans has been providing loans to Kiwi’s for more than 17 years, and we’re very proud of the exceptional service we offer at highly competitive rates. Reach out to us now to experience what we can do for you.

Why Quickloans?

✅ Deal with real people, not computer software
✅ Get affordable loans with competitive interest rates
✅ Stream through our application process in 5 minutes or less
✅ Know whether you’re approved within 60 minutes during business hours
✅ See cash hit your account within 24 hours
Would you like up to $20,000 in your account tomorrow?

Would you like up to $20,000 in your account tomorrow?