New Business Loans Key to Getting Ahead

There are a lot of people out there with excellent ideas for new businesses but unfortunately many of these fall by the wayside due to a lack of finances.

Everyday we’re exposed to businesses on the internet and featuring heavily in print and tv advertising. Many of these businesses would’ve needed some serious capital to pay for their stock, let alone their marketing expenses. We often wonder, where did they get the money to start up such a business?

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Property Law Notice

Recently some existing customers received a property law notice. They had falling well behind with their mortgage repayments when their income reduced substantially (self-employed building industry) after some of their post-earthquake projects were delayed.

They had never missed a beat with their repayments to us but really struggled with their mortgage and the bank sent them a property law notice. We assisted by paying the arrears, rates, insurance and the next few months of mortgage repayments.  We then put them in touch with an excellent mortgage broker who helped them re-finance their mortgage at a very competitive rate. We basically saved their home. It took a lot of effort to get them sorted out and they were very happy with the outcome.

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New Online Loans Website Released – QuickLoans

Christchurch loan company QuickLoans is pleased to introduce our new online loans website, which went live in August 2017.  We have listened to the comments and suggestions of loan clients over the last few years and have made improvements to the site that we feel will ensure this website loads faster and is easier to navigate. We are confident that the site is free from bugs and quirks that may have previously slowed down our valuable NZ loans clients. Jump online and apply now.

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Home Loan Deposit – QuickLoans

Need a larger home loan deposit? The Reserve Bank of New Zealand recently implemented higher loan-to-value (LTV) ratios for the major banks which are effective 1 October 2013. This means if you are a buying a home you may need to have a larger home loan deposit (often around 20% of the purchase price). But don’t panic as we can often assist with a personal loan for a to ensure you have enough for your home loan deposit.

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Small Business Loans

We specialise in small business loans. In 2013 we’ve seen demand from small businesses that need loans to purchase equipment, such as work vans, tools and equipment as they gear up for the Christchurch post-earthquake rebuild.

Often the bank cannot or will not assist because they require all the recent financials and operating results, which may not be readily available or not even exist yet as the business is too new.

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